• Serif is a font that has a small line at the end of the alphabet and developed from Roman handwriting
  • San serif is a font that developed from serif and distortion the tail out to make it looks more modern.
  • Script is a handwritten character with different handwriting styles. Mostly designed to have a slightly slanted character.
  • Display is a font that has the character designed specifically to look quaint to use in creating ad headers. Not focused on the article or a lot of content.

San serif & Serif

I found out that many people are always misunderstanding the different between typeface & font.

What is typeface?
Typeface is a particular design of type. It describes the overall look of the character including numbers and symbols such as Helvetica, Arial and Futura etc.

What is the font?
Font is a collection of all the characters of a typeface in one size (pt.) and one style (bold, italic)
For example, Helvetica 12pt, Helvetica 20pt, and Helvetica Italic 12pt is also a font.


Craig Ward


Craig Ward is a Births born typographer & art-director based in Brooklyn, New York. He straddles the boundary between illustration and typography in his work. His work has fluent me a lot.


The Shape of Light - Craig Ward


He exploration into shaping letterforms using just light sources and cuts in surfaces. So I use his ideas about using light and experiment the angle of the light. I have observed the different angles which have allowed light to behave differently.





My typography experiment

Craig Ward talking about his work

You blow me away - Craig Ward

materials: screen print on glass sheets

He smashed many pieces of glass that were screen printed and captured with the different perspective in this work.


Personally, I like how he uses everyday life object to produce artwork by playing with light and shadows. The object that he chose also consistent with this words and what's he trying to communicate.

Shadows will change according to the light angle.


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