Today is my first day at CSM. I met many people in my class. We have received a task by our tutors which are working with a group of three under the concept “-ism” by researching and compiling information without the internet.


How has working in a small group affected how you gather and analyse information?

By gathering information with a small group help us as researchers to be able to justify the results of data that we’ve collected. Being in a small group allow us to be able to compare, contrast data and analyse whether these results that we’ve collected can be considerate as a “Correct” result, if not then by seeing the data from others it would most likely guide the way we see the problem and understand the basics of what the result is. Understanding the basic knowledge from other’s answer will also guide you into how you would construct the way you research, by understanding the real source you can trust which you can’t.


What are the challenges and benefits of working in a group?

Working in a group challenge me to work with new people, by understanding different personality types could be on of the best teamwork, we may be able to show our strong sides and improve our weakness sides. Further more working in a group helped me to develop stronger communication skills, plan and manage time, share various perspectives and more resources for different people in my team. Besides that, we all have different skills, knowledge and personal characteristic. By using all of these perspectives, more ideas can be generated. Leading to the better quality of outcomes.


How have you found the experience of researching and generating ideas without the internet?

The internet makes our life easier to research information but sometimes the internet can be unreliable resources. Because many inaccurate sources exist on the internet, anyone can post anything. By sharing ideas with many people in class help me to communicate with others on group assignment. Besides that, I receive a wide variety of thought that the internet doesn't have from our self-knowledge, by observing and generating our ideas together.



Today we had to prepare for the presentation on A2 paper with the final drawing and information.

How did the visualisation process evolve the idea?

Visualisation is one of a sense that easy to understand by using our eyes. To make our target group understand what we are going to communicate through our installation. We have to take into consideration about where it should be placed and how big it was going to be. So we decided to tour our art installation around for example, in the city because living there has stressed and pressured from the surrounding.

Explain the role of both primary and secondary research in the development of your idea?

Our primary research is finding inspiration from my surrounding in and outside the classroom such as looking for material and process that looks similar from our keyword ( Optimism, Silk, Print). Then we write into a mind map and discuss. We combine these 3 words and came up with the main idea of “ Present”, because “Optimism” means hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something, so we use “future” to be our keyword and present makes us feel when we receive a present or give from someone we looking forward to it. We use the library and the internet as a resource to researched in more details. Then we looked into the material and process “How to print on silk,” so we can use the silk as a ribbon.

How successful was your group presentation? How could it have been improved?

However, our presentation went very well. Everyone feel comfortable to present in their part; there is still something that we can do better. In my opinion, if we have more time we could make some 3D example to make it more easy to understand.


Today has involved working with restrictions to what extent did this affect your design process?

Today my tutors gave us a new task to create typography by using only three processes which are cutting, folding and tearing on A4 paper also I need to consider about three-dimensionality, light & shadow, stress, width, legibility. Which means the choices of materials and process are limited. However, I’m so excited to this project because it was challenging me and I can make the alphabet in many different ways.

In the morning I made 16 pieces of ‘A’ and the final one that I like the most is cutting ‘A,' and then use the light shine through the letter, and you will see the shadow. Then in the afternoon, my tutors ask me to name the typeface by using words, name or phrase so, I use the word “Shadow” to separate my ideas.


Finally, I came up with the phrase “Through the light.” However, working with restrictions is quite hard because sometimes I want to draw the outline of letters on the paper, but I can’t or make the alphabet bigger. 

How did you select your location for your photo? Was it the right choice, and did it communicate in the way you intended?

After I came up with the phrase, I cut it into separate letters and then select the location around the Archway campus. At first, I want my typeface located outside on the building wall but today is cloudy so, I changed my mind to find the wall inside the building that has the light shine through. However, the result came out very outstanding because of the letters shadow and texture of the wall. It makes my work unique.

In my opinion, if we can work freely I will make bigger alphabet to place in different place around London because it would be more powerful in my work




Today I learned about making three-dimension of the letter and the way to visualise it. In the afternoon my group went to the computer room to use Adobe illustrator program my tutor taught me about how to trace the alphabet from the picture for my typography poster. This program has many advantages for graphic designers because we have to know all the necessary programs. Which many people in my class are just starting to use the program today and we have to use it more and more as a graphic designers career in the future.

My 3D typography I like it when the light went through the pattern that I made. 


What was the purpose of the crit, and how has this benefitted you for future projects?

The purpose of the crit is to express our ideas what we want to communicate with others and allow people to comment our work through their though.

  • Self-confident 
  • Receive feedback immediate from my friends
  • Preparation and skill for future assignment
  • Improve my speaking skills

I think my outcomes is not entirely satisfactory for me. But the meaning and the feeling of my typeface “Through the light” I described why this typeface has to be an Italic font and where this name came from. In my opinion, talking about meaning and feeling of the typeface went very well. If I have more time, I want to make the poster more attractive by redoing my layout and play with the typography to give them more story.

Screen Shot 2560-10-16 at 4.18.19 PM.png


I got a words “Philosophical” and “Environment,” so I think about mindfulness, and I use the crane as a symbol of the word philosophical and put the crane in the different environment. To be mindfulness, we don’t have to stay in calm place it can be anywhere.

What potential role or function our work have outside this project?

We can function this video outside this project. Maybe we can use the process of thinking and adapt to work in real life.

How might we evaluate the success of our work?

I evaluate my work by asking people what do they feel after they saw it or how do they think what we want to communicate with them.

However, my outcomes are not satisfactory for me because of the limited time that we have. We got a comment from our classmate said that our music is outstanding it makes people who watch this video feel calming. If we have more time, I would think about the storyboard more deeply so we can communicate with others by watching this video more easily. 



I learn many things from today class that if we want to be successful, we need to intend to our work. Sometimes it’s not a simple task to being successful in everything everyone has fallen so; we use that advantage to develop our work in the future.

What did you learn from the experience of working in pairs, as a team?

In my opinion working in pairs is not easy for me because we are born in different environments, different ideas. But what I gain is open-minded with new perspectives it makes me change my mind that working in pairs is not always a bad idea.


03/10/2017 - 06/10/2017

This is my first time making a print. It challenges me a lot it hard to cut because the board is hard and sometimes I cut in the wrong direction. I use people as a foreground for my image and train as a midground because I want to contrast clearly.

This image meets my aims very well. At first, I wanted the background to have a building, but there are too many details. I want people to think more when they see my work and question themselves “Why this man looking that way?” or “What is he doing?” so I decided to use my background in black colour. I simplify everything from my original picture because it’s hard to details everything and I want this work to look simple but have the story inside it.

 I've learned traditional printmaking process by using manual press machine. One of my friends were given a task to colour all the plate but she didn't put enough ink on mine, so there we some areas that not completely cover in black. She redoes it again and the result is darker and satisfactory.

Overall, I think that the printmaking process is very interesting and it allows me to analyse the photo that we took before changing it into illustration.


How has the project today helped you to think about new layout in new ways?

Today project changes my perspective about the layout that it has to be in the square. After my tutors give a task to observe grids in campus, it's unbelievable that everything I saw could be used as a layout even a leaf on the floor.

What do you think the benefits are of working on text and image compositions using analogue process?

Working without using digital methods helped me to observe more surroundings rather than sitting in front of the computer and surfing the internet. So this allows me to open new perspective and the outcomes different from others and bring work to life more than digital process.

10/10/2017 - 11/10/2017

Today is my first time to use Indesign program. I feel absorbing because I usually use Adobe Illustration for layouts and this programme challenge me a lot. My tutor teaches me the primary use for Indesign and it very helpful to adopt with my layout design.

In my opinion, Indesign session is excellent, but there are too many people in one class, so we don't have enough time to ask the question for developing our booklet design.

I went back home in the afternoon and starting my eight pages booklet project. I use my old layout from yesterday class, but I distort and develop it into different triangle shapes. I decided to use black and white pictures with a red triangle in my booklet because it shows the contrast of the images. Overall,  the booklet looks very outstanding when I printed out and I am delighted with this work.




Today we have crit in the morning. It was interesting and different than the other times. We came to see others booklet and we were received a nine-question to give a comment about others booklet. I think this is a very good idea because it will help me to develop my work and receive more feedback. My classmate wrote that the booklet was a successful design, the cover was attractive and used different sizes of triangle to create layout. However, he mentioned that the use of colour was quite simple. Also using triangle to cut the photos cause some of them defect the meaning. In my opinion, the reason why I choose a red colour because it's outstanding when the colour was used on black and white colour. I did appreciate about what my classmate comments and I will use that to develop my work.Screen Shot 2560-10-15 at 7.35.59 PM.png

20/10/2017 - 22/10/2017

Today I go out with my friend and do the research task for "Interact project." When I first hear the word interact I was thinking that it's going to be a performance to the public, but I realize that graphic communication design also interact by itself, such as a poster, typography, etc.

While I was walking down the street, I saw this quote with a telephone box many people were asking a question about the series called Stranger things, and the answer that they are will appear on the screen. I think this is a fascinating idea to engage people with there work.


Today for interact project we need to work in pair, and I don't feel comfortable about that. So we got a quote "Give me but one firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth." We start to think about what the word firm spot can represent, and go out to take a few pictures around the campus. We came up with an idea about using a bright colour circle paper and write a question down on it, stick it on the floor in different places and let people write there opinion down. One thing that I have learned today is we need to be open-minded. No one can be successful with their work if they don't have teamwork. In my opinion, our work went very well we discuss our ideas what we like and what we don't like in our project.


Today I have a tutorial in the morning, so I tell about my ideas to tutor and she said that it's hard to ask people to write down on a lot of circle on the floor and we need a lot of space to do it. I agreed with her because it's hard to control and not impact as the big circle, so we decided to use a big circle with yellow colour instead. We went to trafalgar square in the afternoon and start filming. Surprisingly, a lot of people were engaging with our work and we got a variety of responses for different age groups, it was interesting to see how the children's ideas differed from the adults' ideas. 


In my opinion, crit went very well my classmate enjoyed watching our video and start asking us a question for example, why we choose this place to film, and how do we engage people to write down their opinion. I said that I was chosen The National Gallery because it has a big space and a lot of people were engage in our work by themselves especially children. They walked straight to our work and started to write something down.

28/10/2017 - 29/10/2017

I started searching for "white space" for me it's blank space that we can work freely and play with it. White space doesn't have to be white it can be any colour. I found out that everything that we see has white space in itself, such as posters, magazines, packaging and etc.


Things that I have learned from this class is how to manage the time. From 7 task that I have got, I have to do 4 of them. Timing is very important for a design career, you could lose your job if you can't manage our time to do the work in time.

31/10/2017 - 1/11/2017

This project started off with the selection of our everyday object. The chosen object is an ordinary water bottle which I have decided to reinvent the bottle's labeling so that I can investigate whether people still recognize the renowned design of the brand. The removal of details, apart from the iconic mountain, from the bottle's labeling will fit the concept of the White Space as well as test out people's recognition of the brand.

The difficulties that I found; because of the brand of water in UK it doesn't have 10 brands as I expect, so I have to use as much as I have. I felt very disappointed with this work and if I have more time I would go out and find the bottle in different places.


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