"Give me but one firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth."

We looked at the words "firm spot" and came up with different ways these words could be presented, we decided to use the words literally so we used the word "firm spot" as a starting point for our work. So we marked a tape on the floor and asked people to stand on it to explore this idea of a firm spot. 

The happy show - Stefan Sagmeister

Sagmeister is struggling with alcohol, drugs, and depression.  The Happy Show in an attempt to define and control his own happiness. The final display is the result of 10 years of research into his own personal happiness.There is one part of the exhibition that I like the most is to engage people to draw the symbol of their happiness. I think this is an easy way to express their feeling.


We made a yellow circle on two pieces of A0 sized paper with the question "How would you change the world?" and put in front of the National gallery because there is a big space there. We used the colour yellow because it's bright and can catch peoples eyes. We chose a circle shape because we wanted to use the idea of a firm spot, this would be the starting point to get people to think about the question and how the world could be changed. 

A lot of people were engaging with our work and we got a variety of responses for different age groups, it was interesting to see how the children's ideas differed from the adults' ideas. 

Not everyone that walked past, wrote on the paper but they still looked at it so the question did get into their minds, hopefully making them think about the question too.

We asked our classmates what this phrase means to them and they said that the quote gave an impression of "changing the world," which led us to try to combine the idea of a firm spot and changing the world into one. We decided that we wanted to write down a question on a piece of circular paper. The question being "How would you change the world?" The idea of engaging people to write down their opinion was influenced by Stefan Sagmeister "The happy show."


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