The reason why our group name ASEAN because our group have 4 Asian girls and all of us come from the member countries of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).

We planned to spend 4 days together in UK

DAY 1 - Hyde Park (Adipa)

DAY 2 - Brighton (Deandra)

DAY 3 - Cambridge (Kelly)

DAY 4 - London eating day (Pine)


  • walking 5,000 steps outside > because 4 of us are super lazy girls
  • we can use our phones when we aren't walking, so we appreciate surrounding and company 



Brighton is the town that I wanted to go since I came to UK and it's also my first time going outside apart from London with my friends. Unfortunately, the day that we decided to go is going to rain so all of us have to bring our umbrella with us. 

We met in the morning at the Victoria station, but we found out that we were at the wrong station, so we had to go to another station. We arrived at Brighton quite late so we don't have so much time to walking around. Kelly decided to take us to aquarium and Brighton Pier.

After I checked the weather forecast, I found that the weather quite cold, so I chose the thick clothes but comfortable when I wear because I have to walk all day. 

Brighton Pier is an amusement park that stretches out to the sea. There are a lot of games such as games, roller coaster, spit and a haunted house.

London eating day (DAY 4)

I decided to stay in London because I wanted my friends to see my daily life in the places I like. I took my friends to one of my favourite restaurant "Kintan" it is first London's Japanese BBQ restaurant. I really like the atmosphere of the restaurant because the light is not too bright and not too dark. The food was excellent and served very quickly we don't have to wait for so long.

Hyde Park (DAY 1)

In the afternoon, we agreed to walk together in the Hyde Park; walking, chilling, site-seeing as well as discussing different matters in life so that we could form a stronger bond between us.

Cambridge (DAY 3)

I came to Cambridge quite often but it's still not my day so I let Kelly guide us what to do Cambridge. We met around 10.30 in the morning and took the train from Liverpool Station, it took around 1.30 hours to get there.

We went to eat Thai food truck in the town market, where the restaurant is very popular and delicious. I had Pad kra prao moo with fried egg for lunch.

Pad kra prao is a popular dish among Thai people in every region. The taste is delicious and easy to eat. Currently, foreigners pay attention to eat it a lot. It is assumed that pad kra prao is adopting the technique of stir frying from Chinese people. It became a national food of the Thai people.

Before we heading back to London we went to cafe called "Fitzbillies"  this cafe has been a part of Cambridge since 1921 and is still serving its famous, traditional Chelsea buns. 

Commune day planner